Monday, February 9, 2009

A sunny day to play outside!!

What an absolutely beautiful sunny day to be outside, the dogs where having a great time, playing 'Tag'

Picture Meme

Shirley over at "Ride a good horse", tagged me in a picture meme, "go to the fourth folder, and take the fourth picture", and here it is!!!

'Feed me!!"

This is the scene that I came across yesterday morning when I went out to feed my colts, poor Charley, ( Doubled Up n Blu) my 2 year old blue roan colt by Shadow, figured he was not being fed to his standards and had to go look for his own feed!!! Dont you feel sorry for him?? NOT


This would be another of my 3 year old fillies, this is "Chick", she is, unfortunately, an orphan, and was a bottle baby. Seems to be filling out nicely though!!

Chick's dam passed from this world, approx 12 hours after foaling, and , if that was not enough of a loss, I also lost her sire, my buddy, only 3 weeks later, so we have a little bit of a soft spot for this girl. Her reg. name is: SNOOP N TWIGS LEGACY.