Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thunderstorm season starts

And the Thunderstorm season is upon us!! The one picture looks like a "hole in the floor of heaven", as the song says!! There was some wicked winds along with this storm, knocked a couple of very large trees down in town!!

Living Skies - June 09, Sunset!!

Look at this beautiful sunset we had the other night, no wonder they call this province the ' LAND OF LIVING SKIES!!'

Sad News

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that my mare "ROLYN ANGEL", lost her baby at birth, the filly was a very large foal, and momma had a hard time getting her delivered, and she was stillborn. Momma is doing well at this time, back out with her buddies in the broodmare band, and will be bred again, but not this year.

Fast Beauty is back!!

Fast Beauty has returned to us, from Alberta!! Along with her beautiful filly sired by my old Stud, "DEVIL BEAU", a red roan foundation stud, who now lives with my good friend Kim Baerg at Fox Spring Farm in the Cochrane/Banff area of Alberta

Its Baby Time at the PR!!!

Here he is!! the lastest edition of Bailey x Shadow, any guesses on color???
born on june 19th 09