Sunday, January 25, 2009

Playtime in the snow

This would be one of my 3 year olds playing in the snow this afternoon, she was having a great time!! Got them all going after a while!! Silly girl

Dusty and his 'Guardian'

Here is another picture of Dusty, with his self appointed guardian, Ebony.

She took it upon herself to "look after" him, ( like he NEEDS that) Dusty came to us from my good friend Kim over in Cochrane , Alberta, and Ebony seemed to think that he needed to be 'protected', they make quite a pair, as she stands over 16.2HH!!!

More of the "Ranch Security" Team

This is Tucker, ( the Aussie) and Roxie, ( the Jack Russell),And this is Jess ( the border collie) and Tootch ( the mutt)
Yea Right!!!!!!!

Ranch Security??

Let me introduce a part of the 'Ranch Security' crew, this is Dusty, ( the dustbucket donkey), he lives with the broodmares, and ( in HIS eyes) is an integral part of the ranch!!

On the seventh day: Peace